What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Author

  • I’ve just handed in manuscripts on two books: A ‘Productivity Ninja 5th anniversary re-release and a brand new book “Work Fuel: The Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition (co-authored with Colette Heneghan). We’re in edit stage, cover design, last minute changes, etc etc.
  • ideas stage for the next two books (Productivity Ninja Guides on meetings and email)

Role: Podcaster

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to get them on Beyond Busy + Fortnightly episodes. New series is underway!

Role: Board Member of Think Productive

  • Occasional meetings with TP’s brilliant MD. We had a great strategy session with the team last week – will be following up on all that.

Role: Dad

  • Finalising the support and funding arrangements (EHC) and school funding stuff for my autistic son. It’s been a challenging time, but he’s settled in really well. There are so many kind souls working in schools, it’s pretty humbling.

And finally…

  • Coming to terms with ‘half terms’ and what they mean as a working parent. It keeps you on your toes, eh.

Updated 23rd October.