What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Speaker:

  • Fully into keynote mode for the autumn. Prepping slides with clients and making travel plans. Got some really exciting client events coming up – everything from banks to youth charities to freebie public events – from London to Milton Keynes to Rome.

Role: Author

  • Publicity for the brand new “Work Fuel: the Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition”
  •  Writing a new one: “Fixing Meetings: A Productivity Ninja Guide”, with fellow Ninja, Hayley Watts. I say writing… to be honest I’m a bit stuck with it. It’s behind schedule. Bad Ninja. I’m just not happy with it yet. It WILL be good when it’s done though.

Role: Podcaster

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to get them on Beyond Busy + Fortnightly episodes. Just had the very funny Jessica Fostekew from Guilty Feminist. She just got nominated for the big award at the Edinburgh Festival! 

Role: Dad

  • The usual mix of small wins, frustration, admin and meetings that makes up being the parent of an autistic five year old.  He’s a joy, but I’m so delighted he’s back at school.

And finally…

  • It’s been such a good summer for music (particularly watching the UK jazz scene spill onto the festival circuit). And I have my final baseball trip of the year next week to go watch the Blue Jays, Mets, Phillies, Yankees (ugh) and Orioles for a few days.

Updated 3 Sept.