What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Speaker:

Role: Author

  • Publicity for the brand new “Work Fuel: the Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition”
  •  Writing a new one: “Fixing Meetings: A Productivity Ninja Guide”, with fellow Ninja, Hayley Watts. Just handed in the first draft to Ellen, our editor at Icon Books. It’s that weird limbo bit now where I know there’s loads to do, but right now there’s not much I can do.

Role: Podcaster

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to get them on Beyond Busy + Fortnightly episodes. Just had the very funny Jessica Fostekew from Guilty Feminist and the brilliant Sophie Devonshire, author of ‘Superfast’. Some great ones coming up.

Role: Dad

  • The usual mix of small wins, frustration, admin and meetings that makes up being the parent of an autistic five year old.  He’s a joy.

And finally…

  • Summer, summer summer-tiiiime…. music+baseball+sunshine+beach bbqs = happiness. 

Updated 24 June