What I’m doing right now. (inspired by Derek Sivers)

Role: Speaker:

Role: Author

  • Publicity for the brand new “Work Fuel: the Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition” is in full swing. Did some Canadian TV last week, and we’re doing a big event in London at WeWork on 24th April.
  •  Writing a new one: “Fixing Meetings: A Productivity Ninja Guide”, with fellow Ninja, Hayley Watts. We are behind our original schedule on this, but it’s shaping up OK. We’re going to do some focus groups with the first draft later this month.

Role: Podcaster

  • Reaching out to lots of interesting folks to get them on Beyond Busy + Fortnightly episodes. I had Cal Newport (author of Deep Work) on last week’s.

Role: Dad

  • The usual mix of small wins, frustration, admin and meetings that makes up being the parent of an autistic five year old. My working weeks are Mon-Weds at the moment due to school holidays. He’s a joy.

And finally…

  • I’ve been getting over jetlag, watching too much late night baseball, revelling in Aston Villa’s winning run, falling in love with the new Cinematic Orchestra album and trying to get my garden to look less shit. Getting there. 

Updated 15th April.